Hi friends! I’m a new author working on a supernatural series. Please add yourself to the mailing list over on the right so I can send you updates on book 2 and 3. Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure!

I’m from Modesto, CA and have 2 degrees in Science and Nursing. I live in the beautiful University City of Columbia MO with my wonderful husband and three girls.

Reviews: email me at charity.rabbiosi702@gmail.com for a request for your book. I prefer adult stuff: Horror, Paranormal Romance, Historical and Contemporary Romance, Post-Apocalyptic, True Crime.

I won’t give you less than 3 stars, I’ll just let you know why I couldn’t rate it higher- like lots of editorial errors, or major story line issues, and have no problem helping you figure that stuff out. The struggle is REAL.

5 stars: Awesome job. Well written and entertaining, highly recommended.

4 stars: A great story, enjoyed reading it.

3 stars: Not bad at all! Maybe I got a little bored at times though ; )