house on hayden


What a fun ride. Immediately from the first chapter I was captured by the horrifying murder that sets the scene for the novel and creates the dark spiritual chaos within the house on Hayden pond. The story moves quickly as 30 years later Paul and Sam move into the abandoned place with their 3 children. Immediately they find a ghastly looking scarecrow who they name Edgar, and from there- scary things begin to happen. Never does this story drag, and many times I found myself holding my breath, especially when the kids were in danger. I loved how the two daughters figured out what was going on before their parents, and plotted to drown Edgar in the pond.
The end is wonderfully graphic and imaginative and wraps up the story with satisfying surprises. The writing makes you visualize the scene well with it’s engaging imagery, like the veiny skeletons and bubbling bloody floors.
“For an instant her eyes became clear again. Mommy? she said, looking into Sam’s eyes as she let go and fell from the banister.”